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The Halls of Torture...

No tears, please. It is a waste of good suffering!

VeiL of DisdaiN
The name's Ricky.

- Owner of Warclub Records (www.warclubrecords.com, www.facebook.com/warclubrecords)

- Former vocalist of Broken Flesh from July 2010 to January 2012

Other than that, I am no one. I do not exist...

This is how it ends...
80s music, agony, anguish, antichrist, anxiety, apocalypse, apologetics, argyle park, audio paradox, bauhaus, bible, big 12, big xii, billiards, black clothes, blood, bram stoker's dracula, c.s. lewis, candles, celldweller, celtic music, cemetaries, cenobite, cenobites, chant, chatterbox, christ, christianity, christopher walken, chronicles of narnia, circle of dust, classical music, clove cigarettes, coffee, coffee shops, concerts, cornerstone festival, cross, crosses, dark, dark shadows, darkness, david bowie, dead artist syndrome, death list, deitiphobia, depression, eighties music, embodyment, ester drang, eva o, extol, faith, fellowship, francis schaeffer, frank e. peretti, g.k. chesterton, girls, god, goth, gothic, graveyards, hardcore music sucks, hardcore sucks, havalina rail co., hellraiser, holy bible, horror movies, incense, industrial music, israel, jerusalem, jesus, john cusack movies, johnny depp, judean radio static, kill satan, klank, klay scott, labyrinth, legend trilogy, les miserables, less than zero, lost boys, love, mary shelley's frankenstein, max lucado, mental destruction, mere christianity, metal, mortal, music, new living translation, obliteration, oklahoma, oklahoma sooners, orchestra, ou football, p.o.d., pain, phantom of the opera, philosophy, pinhead, poetry, prayer, prince, prophecy, rackets & drapes, rivet, romance, sanctum, saviour machine, scifi movies, scripture, sensuality, sisters of mercy, spiritual warfare, star of david, stargazing, stavesacre, stryper, temptation, texas sucks, the arts, the awakening, the bible, the breakfast club, the creatures, the crucified, the cure, the holy bible, the legend trilogy, the lost boys, the november commandment, the prophecy, the screwtape letters, theatre, theology, this present darkness, tool, torture, tulsa, vampires, vampyres, vast, visual audio sensory theater, wedding party, winona ryder, winter, zao